We have invested a tremendous amount of resources over years and decades to acquire great dot com Memorable, Easy to Spell, and Meaningful web addresses. 

We plan to develop these web addresses into World Headquarters for our ideas, projects, and ventures. The Value of our meaningful and memorable assets have skyrocketed over the years. Why? Web traffic = the fuel of the Internet, and scarcity. See each domain is unique. Each domain means something. If you have to explain it in great detail = FAIL. Do we have to explain PerformanceSuspension dot com to you? NO. Do we have to explain DonutHouse dot com to you? NO! Do we have to explain to you Smoke-Free dot com to you? NO. All our names receive type in traffic, some more some less. 

Traffic = the fuel of the internet = qualified customers FOREVER! You don’t have to pay Google or other advertisers MONTHLY unless you want to. By the way even if you pay for Ads monthly it doesn’t mean that Google will forward you qualified leads looking for Donuts. Any click/visitor looking typing in their browser DonutHouse dot com is looking for DONUTs. DING DING DING, that’s called qualified clicks/traffic.

Speaking of clicks and traffic here are a few questions for your consideration:

What is the value of a click that generates a 10,000,000USD jet sale?

What is the value of a click that generates a 1,000,000USD home sale?

What is the value of a click that generates a 100,000USD consulting project?

What is the value of a DOMAIN that generates tens, hundreds, thousands etc of clicks/referrals each month FOREVER?


Now we have thousands of domains names on hold waiting to be developed. We won’t be able to develop all in our lifetime, and that’s an opportunity for YOU! Partners for Joint Ventures, Long Term Leases and other profitable and creative ideas. NO it is not going to be cheap. If price is your main concern, then most likely your idea or solopreneur idea is too small.

We see dot com assets differently, and we expect each domain to create profitable companies, jobs and opportunities for others that will go beyond our lifetime.  

Are you the right partner with the right idea? Shoot us a message via our contact form.

PS: We also buy Meaningful, Memorable, Easy to Spell dot com web addresses that produce traffic.  








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